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Is your jobsearch all at sea? Let CVSOS 'net' that job and throw you a career lifeline NOW !

CV Definition . . .

A CV (Curriculum Vitae) or Resumé is a concise document setting out essential details of your personal, academic  and professional life for consideration by a prospective employer.  These days, one vacancy can attract literally thousands of applicants - the only 'perfect CV' is the interview-generating CV.

A good CV must, therefore, command attention and immediately convince a recruiter that you are a perfect candidate for the advertised vacancy.  

Ideally, your CV should be professionally written and must have impact – verbally and visually  !   Presentation is absolutely vital !

CV SOS Quality . . .

 CV SOS will NEVER sacrifice quality for quantity.

Each assignment is individually written .. we DO NOT mass-produce your CV. 

CV's are expertly compiled in-house and NEVER contracted to Freelance Writers. 

Nor do we use any type of Resume-building software to create this important document.  

CV SOS Commitment . . .

CV SOS guarantees professionalism and total confidentiality at all times.

Client details are NEVER disclosed to any Third Party without written instruction.

CV SOS Speed . . .

 Normally 4 - 5 working days from receipt of client order and personal details.

We do offer an Express Service for particularly urgent assignments.

LinkedIn Profiles . . .

By popular demand, we have now introduced an additional service - 

 the preparation of compelling LinkedIn Profiles for new and existing CV Clients. 

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