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Is your jobsearch all at sea? Let CVSOS 'net' that job and throw you a career lifeline NOW !

How do I order ?

Simply select the appropriate package and order online @

Orders are securely processed via PayPal 

but you DO NOT NEED an existing PayPal account prior to ordering.  

Why doesn't my CV get results ?

This may be due to a specific reason or a combination of negative factors.

Why not e-mail your existing CV for assessment - we will tell you if it cannot be improved.

Can I have my new CV by return ?

Beware of 'same day' services when ordering this crucial document (many are mass-produced).

We offer a 48-hour Express Service but our fee does cover out-of-hours working to meet critical deadlines.

Can I have a 'sample' CV ?

No - it is not our policy to provide 'samples' - it would be most misleading to do so. Our design approach is only determined once we have sight of a new client's personal details, aims and objectives.  

Can I have a sample Covering Letter ?

Yes - a guidance sheet is available for clients, upon request, once the new CV has been prepared.

However, since our fees are based upon time expended, tailored covering letters do attract an additional charge.

Any other questions ?

Please e-mail your question to :  [email protected]  

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